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Developed by our colleagues at Analytiqum, 
Analytisense merges relevant data from various sources (cameras, radars, and Bluetooth sensors) to provide transport authorities, traffic management engineers, and managers with the tools they need to take advantage of all the available information in our world today.

Key Modules

Systems Info

Allows for checking the status of all the systems in your project—uptime, downtime, availability, voltage, and more.

Sensor Traffic Data

Provides data analyzing tools for traffic data coming from your installed sensors, such as charts and tables.

Road Segments Info

A module where users can check individual road segments along with their vectors and origin or destination sen

Road Traffic Data

Provides traffic analyzing tools such as charts and tables for each road segment in your vectors network.


Can be generated from any chart or table that contains traffic data.

Config Project

Where users can add, remove, or change sensors, segments, routes, and directions in their project.

Manage Projects

Where users can change multiple parameters about projects and their associated users.

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