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A map of a city with cars and buses featuring a congestion monitoring system.

Traffic Detection

Road traffic is a leading cause of congestion and pollution in cities around the world. To address this problem, we need reliable and accurate data to make decisions that benefit the entire community.

Today’s traffic detection systems are based on a wide variety of technologies, including video surveillance, radar, Bluetooth and WIFi detection.

The latest AI based detection combined with powerful analytics provides actionable intelligence to help us engineer solutions in traffic management which benefits everyone by being safe AND efficient!

Traffic Monitoring

 In order to design new road infrastructure and new mobility solutions that can alleviate traffic congestion, it is critical to monitor, collect and analyze data on traffic patterns and the transportation demand generated in a city.

This can be done through the use of highly accurate sensors that can detect traffic patterns and driver behavior, as well as video surveillance images that can be used to improve safety on roads and intersections.

By using these tools, traffic engineers can create microsimulation models that can be used to predict future traffic needs and develop sustainable mobility solutions that will help improve the flow of traffic in cities.

Travel Time Measurements

As traffic planners know, one of the most important factors in smooth urban traffic flow is understanding and reacting to changes in travel time. Fortunately, new technological advances are making it easier than ever to detect and respond to these fluctuations.

The DeepBlue system uses Bluetooth, BLE and WIFI signals from a city’s transportation infrastructure to track vehicles and measure travel times. This information can then be used to create real-time maps of traffic congestion and predict delays.

As cities become smarter and more connected, tools like DeepBlue will be essential for ensuring that traffic flows as smoothly as possible.

Traffic Mobility

Traffic mobility intelligence is becoming an increasingly important factor in city planning and traffic engineering.

By using multiple layers of traffic data analytics to understand how people move around a city, planners and engineers can make better decisions about road design, transportation options, and urban development.

Smart city managers can also use mobility intelligence to optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion.