New Autoscope IntelliSight provides better performance

Integrate Autoscope Intellisight with cctv cameras for an advanced surveillance system.

This month, Image Sensing Systems released a new version of its Intellisight software.

This new firmware is packed with improvements and fixes, most notably in the area of detection.

With this update, Autoscope Intellisight becomes even more reliable and efficient, providing our customers with the best possible performance.

The latest AI Based detection enhancements :

  • Stop bar
  • Receding (nighttime improvements to come)
  • Advance detection
  • Pedestrian detection (Waiting and crossing (Bigger zones)
  • Bicycle differentiation

We would like to thank our partners(ISS) for their hard work in making this update possible, and we look forward to bringing you even more exciting innovations in the future.

Autoscope Intellisight is a computer vision system that uses machine learning algorithms to automatically detect and classify objects in a video stream.

The new software release will be available to new customers as a free update.

Analytiqum will be hosting a webinar to demo the new features and performance improvements this month. To participate, please select one of the available dedicated time slots for the below calendar link.

webinar Autoscope Intellisight