Analytisense – Traffic Analytics

Integrated traffic data and a comprehensive understanding of traffic conditions

Product Overview

Analytisense ( Analytiqum Monitoring Platform for Smart Systems) integrates different types of road sensors from well-known mobility solution providers.   Integrated data layers provide enhanced views of the data allowing more focus on hybrid levels of the road traffic network.   Traffic experts, traffic engineers, road operation managers and smart city managers can access and use an easy-to-learn road data platform, developed using the latest UI technologies.   Analytisense platform is a microservices-based software focused on efficient deployment and portability.   The software modularity, agility, and scalability allow for decentralized deployments of the microservices, based on the customer’s needs and infrastructure requirements.  

Features and Highlights

• Install, configure and maintain your entire system from anywhere in the world, using a web-based interface.
• Real-time data for incident management and alerting
• Long-term data collection for system planning and development
• Lower costs hardware infrastructure spending, with a flexible system created to meet many different needs and applications
•Easy to extend with integrated m modules due to containerized architecture

Traffic Data Collection
• Integration of non-intrusive traffic sensors data like video analytics CCTV cameras (Autoscope) and radar-based sensors (RTMS) in order to provide complex traffic data sets.
• Integration of point-to-point data sensors based on Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Detectors( DeepBlue)

Types of Data Collected
• Volume(counts)
• Average Speed and vehicle speed analysis
• Occupancy
• Gap/Headway
• Classification
• Power status (Voltage info)
• Point to Point Travel Time
• Origin-Destination Information

Technical Specifications


GIS MAP, real-time and historic data, road congestion levels based on traffic volumes and speed,  comprehensive reports engine with saved and live reports


AMP4SS Backend
• Collection, analysis, formatting, and exporting traffic-related data
• Modularity and scalability: AMP4SS can be perfectly tailored for each project
• Roadside status and location – information about the status of the
systems are stored in a centralized backend system.
• Road status information with level of service based on events, incidents and travel time information.
• Real-time status of each type of system connected
• Traffic data can be easily integrated with 3rd party systems (ATMS, SCADA, etc.) via REST API and/or message broker (MQTT)


API REST Web services



Certified SSL Web (TLS 1.2 / 1.3)

Cloud based firewall

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