Unique small roadside sensor for Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi tracking.

Product Overview

The DeepBlue V-model by trafficnow – a unique small roadside sensor for Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi tracking. The ideal maintenance-free, non-intrusive sensor for getting online travel time information and origin/destination information for improved infrastructure planning.

The small, sleek design allows quick mounting on poles or mast-arm, making it very suitable for an urban environment, or interurban roads. An auto-configured, easy-to-install side-fire Sensor that detects the wireless signals from vehicles; from hands free sets, smart phones and GPS systems.

Features and Highlights

  • Small all-in-one unit for pole mount or mast arm
  • Can be configured for Bluetooth, BLE and Wi-Fi
  • Side-fire; zero set-back
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Worldwide 3G Dual SIM-Card operation
  • Power over Ethernet 12-48 VDC
  • Reliable all-weather performance
  • Low life-cycle cost with no routine maintenance procedures and high reliability.
  • Typical MTBF 10 years or 90,000 hours
  • Onboard database

Technical Specifications



12 to 48 VDC w/reverse polarity protection
Power over Ethernet
Power consumption from 1.93W, see OPTIONS for details
ARM 9 Processor
128 MB RAM applications
Advanced logging for temperature and voltage
Micro-SD for Onboard non-volatile storage
Linux based OS
Multi-color LED for operations diagnostics



Single channel Bluetooth detection
Detects all Bluetooth versions
Optional single channel Wi-Fi detection
30º detection angle (horizontal/vertical)
-102dB receive sensitivity
Flexible data encryption for increased privacy


Ethernet communication
Optional 4G/LTE Worldwide
Dual SIM-card slot
GPS for positioning and time synchronization
Remote Sensor Access
Secure HTTP



-40ºC to +80ºC, 0 to 90% relative humidity
IP67 housing
H x W x L 276 mm x 272 mm x 96.5 mm
2.00 kg incl. stainless steel bracket
RoHS Compliant
CE certified
FCC certified
IC certified