Traffic congestion is a huge problem for cities and towns across the globe, and it’s only getting worse as the world’s population continues to grow.


Average commuter wastes hours in traffic. Many business transactions we’re delayed because of traffic.


Right now, traffic engineers need accurate data to help them understand traffic patterns and movements to make informed decisions about improving traffic flow. However, getting this data can be difficult and time-consuming.


So, Analytiqum has developed a traffic monitoring system that uses artificial intelligence-based sensors to provide accurate data on traffic patterns and driver behavior.


Our system can help city managers make better decisions about managing traffic flow and improving overall traffic conditions.


Analytisense is a real-time traffic analytics platform that provides cities with accurate information on traffic patterns, driver behavior, and movements.


• Check the status of all sensors installed in your projects.

• Provide data analyzing tools, such as charts and tables, for data coming from your installed sensors.

• Provide traffic analysis tools for each road segment in your network.

• Reports can be created from any chart or table that contains traffic data.

• You can add, remove, or change your project’s sensors, segments, routes, and directions.

• You can also manage multiple parameters about projects and their associated users.


Our platform helps traffic engineers to optimize traffic flow and make better decisions about city infrastructure.


Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our system.


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