Autoscope IntelliSight brings advanced detection algorithms to European cities

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Our partner, Image Sensing Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Autoscope Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: AATC) announced today the introduction of Autoscope IntelliSight for the European market.

Autoscope IntelliSight is taking video detection to new heights by offering the most advanced detection algorithms with Artificial Intelligence. This technology is delivering accuracy, reliability, and high performance to European cities. Autoscope IntelliSight is the perfect solution for European cities that are looking to move traffic safely and efficiently.

For decades, Autoscope has been helping cities around the world move traffic safely and efficiently. Autoscope video detection systems are recognized for their high performance, accuracy, and dependability. With Autoscope IntelliSight, this history is continued today.

Autoscope Intellisight
Autoscope Intellisight

Intelliscope’s IntelliSight is taking video detection to new heights, with the most advanced detection algorithms available in the market today utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

The camera and processor deliver high-performance vehicle detection, bicycle and pedestrian identification, real-time increased traffic data collection, and Smart City readiness with connectivity to other systems. IntelliSight’s performance is strong and dependable, based on a cutting-edge hardware platform that will future-proof it.

“The future is now, with Autoscope IntelliSight,” said Rick Maus, Senior Product Manager – Autoscope. “We believe a human behavior-based approach is a key to optimizing our roadways. With this new platform, we have an opportunity to monitor how vehicles and vulnerable roadway users interact with each other and the roadway infrastructure and identify patterns of high-risk interactions. Allowing transportation agencies to prioritize resources to address the issues impacting our roadways.”

If you’re looking for the most advanced detection algorithms in the market, look no further than Autoscope IntelliSight. Our team would be more than happy to provide a 30-minute introduction to our solution.

Contact us today and let us show you how we can help keep your traffic moving safely and efficiently.