Discover How to Utilize Video Cameras for Video Traffic Detection Projects to Boost Safety at Controlled Intersections!

City, computer screen.

Video cameras can be a valuable tool for enhancing safety at controlled intersections, as they can provide real-time data on traffic patterns and help identify potential safety issues. Here are some steps for using video cameras for video traffic detection projects at controlled intersections:

  1. Determine the locations for the video cameras. Place the cameras at strategic locations around the controlled intersection, such as at the intersection’s approaches and key points along the intersection itself.
  2. Install the video cameras. The cameras should be mounted on sturdy poles or other structures, and you should position to provide a clear view of the traffic at the intersection. It may also be necessary to install additional lighting to ensure that the cameras can capture clear footage, even at night.
  3. Connect the cameras to a monitoring system. The cameras should connect to a central monitoring system to collect and analyze the footage in real-time. This system should be able to alert traffic control personnel if it detects potential safety issues, such as vehicles running red lights or pedestrians crossing against the traffic signals.
  4. Conduct regular maintenance and checks. To ensure that the video traffic detection system is working properly, it’s important to conduct regular maintenance and checks. Maintenance activities may include checking the cameras to ensure they are functioning properly and adjusting the positioning of the cameras if necessary.
  5. Use the data to improve safety at the controlled intersection. Areas, where safety improvements are needed, can be identified using the data collected by the video traffic detection system.


Autoscope Intellisight, created by our partner company, Image Sensing Systems, is a safe camera designed to increase safety at intersections.  This video detection camera captures footage of vehicles, pedestrians, and other objects in the area to help reduce traffic congestion and minimize the risk of accidents. Intellisight is an ideal solution for busy intersections with a higher risk of collisions.

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